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SQUIRREL HOME DESIGNS we are the professionals at the service of decorating homes with high quality home textiles and made-ups products started on December 12th 2010 located at Karur, in the home textile hub of Tamil Nadu, India on the banks of the flowing Cauvery and Amaravathy rivers, SQUIRREL HOME DESIGNS who is the creative home textiles understand that every home is built with dreams and aspiration. So, when it comes to decorating home, you can rely on us.

Home Textiles Materials include 100% cotton, 100% Polyester, Cotton-polyester blends, Polyester & cotton cross woven fabrics, Polyester-viscose blends, 100% Silk, Silk & cotton cross woven fabrics, Linen, Linen-cotton blends and more. All natural fibers can be either yarn dyed or piece dyed, and synthetics only available in yarn dyed fabrics. Squirrel Home Designs always assures onquality products and timely delivery to its clients to save time and ensure quality.

What we do

We have right finest design team to forecast the international trend. Our predictions are from fashion magazines, subscriptions on the global trend and designs from our own international designers.Our production team is energetically trained to work for customer’s satisfaction, as we are having a proper link from the stage of designing to the shipment. We have fine and safe production infra-structure. "We do ! What Others ! ! Do Not Do ! ! !".

We are having very efficient team for quality control. Our accurate and authentic principles initiated from the time of raw material purchases and it will drive all areas with our effecient team. "without 'U' we can't spell s'U'ccess".

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